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There are many reasons for hiring a contractor.  You may have had an emergency situation such as a fire or flood.  You love the location but have outgrown your current floor plan and need more room for your growing family or business.  You own a lot perfect for a new home.  Or our favorite, you love your home but dislike that old kitchen or bath.  Whatever your reasons the team at Reliable Construction and Plumbing can make your dream home or business a reality.

From Designing to Engineering to Construction, Reliable can help you plan the ideal solution for all of your construction desires.  Since 1987 the people of Hernando and surrounding counties have chosen Reliable Construction and Plumbing as their “Reliable” builder for all their remodeling and construction projects.  Call 352-686-7527 today and start the process of making your dreams come true with a reliable built home.

A message From Reliable: “For over 30 years our company has had the privilege of offering you the finest service possible.  From minor plumbing issues to large scale construction projects our commitment to service for homeowners and businesses from Hernando and surrounding counties hasn’t changed.”

From the owner:

The following is a list of plumbing related issues we can take care of for you, their definitions and how we can help:

Backflow Prevention:
Your backflow preventer plays an important part in the protection of your potable water system. If your assembly requires an annual inspection or is leaking, we have the certification and knowledge to handle your needs. We can also install new assemblies in any size that you require.
Drain Cleaning:
A stoppage can, and usually does, happen at the worst possible time. If it does, each of our service technicians come fully trained and our trucks are fully equipped to handle just about every situation. We have specialized drain equipment, including line location, video inspection, and high pressure water jetting. From a simple toilet stoppage to a main line back up we are your one call to handle it all.
Garbage Disposals:
Has this ever happened to you? Company is coming for dinner and the garbage disposal stops working or clogs up. Whether it’s to remove an errant chicken bone or the need to replace the entire disposal, we are ready to assist you. Each of our service trucks is fully stocked to get you back up and running in no time.
Hands down the most important plumbing fixture in your house – aside from the water heater – is your toilet. When this fixture fails to perform, it can make life very difficult. Has your toilet stopped flushing like it used to or is it constantly running? We can make it run like new! Have you grown tired of the color or need a comfort height model to make it easier to get up and down? Has your child sent ‘Spongebob’ for a swim? Whatever the reason, our certified plumbing specialists will come to the rescue with a simple phone call.
Water Heaters:
Sometimes a nice hot shower is all you want to complete a hard day of work or play. But when you turn on the water all you get is an arctic surprise. In most cases your water heater can easily be repaired rather than needing a full replacement. Gas or electric, tank or tank-less, let one of our qualified technicians assess the situation to determine if he can save you money with a simple repair or if it makes more sense to replace your heater with a new, more efficient, model. Whatever the case we will find the solution and get you that hot shower as quickly and as cost effectively as possible.
Are you getting tired of looking at all those scratches in your contractor grade stainless steel sink? Has your kitchen or bathroom sink started to look outdated, stained or pitted from years of lime buildup or hard water? Has your utility sink or laundry tub gotten stained beyond cleaning, chipped or cracked; basically seen better days? Or maybe it’s that leak you’ve been catching in the bucket for…how long now? Whatever the reason, we have a huge selection of sinks to choose from and the knowledge and experience to help you make the right decision, then professionally install your new sink wherever you need.
Faucets come in all shapes, sizes and colors, from antique to modern there is a style to suit every taste. Whether you are interested in updating an old faucet in the kitchen or bath, or need to prevent a leaking tub or shower from keeping you up at night, we can assist you in the selection process then professionally install it into an existing sink or the new sink of your choice. We offer top of the line replacements like Moen and Delta, plus we can repair many makes and models – right off the service truck. We are ready to assist you in finding the best solution for all your plumbing and construction needs.


Please don’t wait until it’s too late, call us immediately with any of your plumbing needs.

Reliable can also handle all of your residential and commercial, new or remodeling, projects.

If you are considering a new Kitchen or Bath, or remodeling an existing out dated or dysfunctional space, call us to create a room you’ll be proud of for years to come.  For new construction we will work with you to build a modern design that meets all of your needs and requirements.  When a remodel is more practical we will help you turn that old eyesore into a beautiful new, more efficient, area of your home or office and make you the envy of all your friends.

Fully licensed, bonded and insured, put our experience as a construction and plumbing professional to work for you today.


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